it occurred to me that I post most of my daiya art on my other blog (because they’re mostly gay) and then people don’t know about my passion for it (and miyuki especially)!! it’s not okay so here is everything i haven’t posted here yet in the order they were drawn, from newest to oldest

Anonymous asked:
I adore your baseball AU! It's just perfect and amazing!! The only thing is.. Wouldn't it make sense for Suga and Kageyama to be the pitchers? I say this because the setter is the base of attack in volleyball while the pitcher have somewhat of the same purpous. When you think about Kageyama's skills in accuracy it makes sense for him to be the pitcher.. Sorry if I'm being to technical with this! I really really love your AU a lot and it's perfect either way! I just really want to see more of it!

I understand what you’re saying, but hinata is more of a guy who likes flashy positions and being a catcher isn’t really flashy! plus, catchers (at least in anime baseball) are strategists who also provide support so I think suga and kageyama would be best for that role.

suga is basically karasuno’s back, at least in terms of moral support and kageyama was ultimately drawn to the setter position because it’s more challenging and provides him with wider control over actions being done during the game. it would make sense for him to be a genius catcher! (coughs like a certain miyuki kazuya). also, pitchers are considered the team’s Ace, so there’s the whole deal of hinata’s ace complex.

but thank you!! I’m very glad to know you like it, because I like it too! I don’t know if I can be stopped at this point to be honest, but support for my madness is always welcomed!!!

This is so great!♥ I love Baseball AU’s! I think though that Tanaka would be better as Short Stop, and Ennoshita better for second base, considering the demands of each position. ^^

ah, thank you!! i really don’t mind changing the positions much and tbh, shortstop is probably the position i know least about. i kind of threw ennoshita in there because of the number thing! but I will take note of it

this started off as a continuation for my daisuga week baseball au but then…… it developed into something worse. I’m not 100% happy with the uniform design but the white undershirt looks so much better than both orange and black.. idk what to doooo

(if you’re wondering who far have i gone with this au, this is how far also i’m sorry i don’t actually know much about baseball u_u!! sorry if something doesn’t make sense!)

p.s. when i was looking for refs for a back shot of a catcher i found this adorable pic that i wanna trace so bad 

Anonymous asked:
do you ship furuharu

i ship furuharu, furujun, furusawa, furumiyu

everything is good

tadaima!!! I’m back from Japan where I hung out with faiell and we went to the Circle of Friends’ live concert in Koriyama! we made them a really big and thick ass envelope with the first image printed as a postcard, and another print that fai drew, with some stickers. they will probably only see it after the tour is over tho ; v ;

I also visited mafu’s table at natsucomi! it was absolute hell and i could barely talk to him at all, so I ended up shoving the drawing i made him into his hands and bought something before leaving. (he looked both confused and happy)

Baseball Nerd Strikes Again, this time my victims are daichi and suga, for the overdue prompt of “crossover” from daisuga week!
Drawing these things in pencil is really hard!! Especially catchers gear! But I love baseball and today was the koshien final so it’s all the more appropriate

I really wanted to draw for daisuga week and then I got the prompt wrong… Oh well!! Here it is anyway

I couldn’t draw as much for the con this time around due to certain circumstances, so here is everything else I did for it now that it’s over ; v ;

I did, however, have a really great team that did most of my work! you should check them out!  grisimm, rinska, nechayano, Eyal, luckymenace, Inbal and Aya

also faiell made the emofuri gifs for me because i literally had no time to figure out how to deal with it ;_; thanks everyone for helping out!

Anonymous asked:
what exactly is this "nao project" you're always drawing?

"nao project" is a name I gave one of my original stories! It’s not really that interesting, it’s just me indulging myself with my own gay Japanese highschoolers and love for the slice of life genre. I enjoy drawing them and thinking up stories for them.