Anonymous asked:
When I found out that Ilan is 17, it just reminded me of the scene from Twilight where Bella asks Edward how old he is. Do you mind making a comic of that? I'm not a fan of Twilight btw, I'd just like to see how you interpret that scene for Noah and Ilan

hahaha! he’s actually supposed to look 18ish, but the 17 was a joke I just couldn’t pass on. I’d be more than happy to draw it out though

Anonymous asked:
do you also run the ask-aarlelt blog? your styles are really similar

yes! it’s on hiatus right now tho, because i currently have no motivation to draw snk

the fact i still intend on drawing a legit comic for them isn’t going to change soon, but it’s not going to stop me from drawing stupid things until then

ah, I guess it means i can introduce them?

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Anonymous asked:
Shouri i kNOW YOU BUT YOU DON'T KNOW M-- wait. you do know me actually, kinda. but that aside, i really like your art and you are one of my biggest inspirations, keep up the great work //v//

eh? eh?? wait you can’t just say that and not tell me who you are!!

jhdksd i’m very flattered ;_; thank you!

Anonymous asked:
Sorry if someone asked before but have you seen the anime film called Hotarubi no Mori e (Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light)? The tree boy reminded me of it, also love the art keep up the good work <3

I haven’t! but it looks really cute, i will look into it!

okay, so here’s the thing I finished up on stream just now. I said I wanted to draw the tree boy story and I am, little by little!

I think this is the first actual formatted comic that I’ve done so I really hope it makes sense for other people and that you enjoy it. I’m not sure when or if the rest is going to come, hopefully it will, but I will have to see how things go for me!

Anonymous asked:
what programs do you use when you art?

usually i use sai! if i want to try a different way to color or spiff pics up, i move to photoshop.

sanjista replied to your post: mirrorshards: i decided to stream a t…

is it gay

no it wasn’t (surprisingly)

whenever i try to record covers i like drawing my own cover art for them (this is more of a panel redraw than anything else, but whatever)

if you’re interested in how i sound then,

Anonymous asked:
I've been creeping through your old art and fell in love with your fem!Kuroko. I'd love to see some more of her. Do you ship akakuro? Don't you think that fem!akakuro would look nice? Especially in your style :3

hello! first of all, thank you for enjoying my art!

second, I don’t like akakuro and it’s not likely that I will touch my rule63 miragen designs again. not because I stopped liking kurobas, I’m still following it! but I don’t find the miragen, as a group, as interesting as i do with say, rakuzan. I do eventually like them all individually but there are other characters that I would much rather focus on at this point.

let’s face it, hayamiya is simply better.

rule63-ing characters is still one of my favorite things so I will probably keep doing it, just in other fandoms I’m in.