I couldn’t draw as much for the con this time around due to certain circumstances, so here is everything else I did for it now that it’s over ; v ;

I did, however, have a really great team that did most of my work! you should check them out!  grisimm, rinska, nechayano, Eyal, luckymenace, Inbal and Aya

also faiell made the emofuri gifs for me because i literally had no time to figure out how to deal with it ;_; thanks everyone for helping out!

Anonymous asked:
what exactly is this "nao project" you're always drawing?

"nao project" is a name I gave one of my original stories! It’s not really that interesting, it’s just me indulging myself with my own gay Japanese highschoolers and love for the slice of life genre. I enjoy drawing them and thinking up stories for them.

Anonymous asked:
I know I was really overwhelmed when I first started teaching myself japanese, just in terms of what resources to use. I'm sure it would be helpful to the people who we're asking, if you shared the name of the textbook you used!

But I didn’t use a textbook….. I used doujinshis, pixiv, raw manga with furigana and anime
I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese properly but I never did, so like, I’m completely useless with keigo but can understand slang and dirty talk hahaha

Anonymous asked:
did you take a class to learn japanese? or did you buy textbooks or smth

Ahh no, not really. I learned pretty much everything I know by myself with a lot of will power so it’s hard for me to give out tips on how to do it.

Anonymous asked:
Could you possibly share any kanji learning tips? I want to start but don't know how, and I'm feeling really overwhelmed. I've read to start with radicals first, but I've no idea where or how. ください!

Uhh I can’t really give you any advice on learning kanji… What I did at first was write everything new to me down, in a list, with meaning and different readings.

Eventually it all comes down to memory and how often you practice or try to read anything. I think the common one are really easy to remember, and anything extra I learned from anime and manga!

i’m in a drawing groove and i currently ship everything

brown haired boy is naota in middle school and yes he gets (got) around a lot

Anonymous asked:
Thanks to you, I need more KuroYaku in my life !

I’m glad! I wish more people would provide it, though.

That said, if anyone ever stumbles across a good kuroyaku fic please send it my way

the day i posted my last post i got called back to the army and since then i’ve barely had time to myself, let alone draw anything! so here are a few things I drew for Cami (which is sports themed this time!!!) which includes the site banner and uniform designs for the mascots.

there’s more coming, but i’ll post the rest after the con is over!

so here are some of the things I drew over the past year (2013~2014) for several artbooks and projects

I’m not really.. happy with.. most of them.. haha