so here are some of the things I drew over the past year (2013~2014) for several artbooks and projects

I’m not really.. happy with.. most of them.. haha

Anonymous asked:
hello! the background is really neat in your last original drawing! did you use reference or do you have it all in your head?

I used reference! tbh I just read a scene like this recently so i went back looking for it. here is what i used, but if you go a few more pages forward it contains hirunaka no ryuusei spoilers, so be careful!

i’m out of control

here is the guest art I drew for merogarasu's T2 book. you can purchase it here.

thank you for inviting me! I can’t wait to get my copy to see everyone else’s art!

yattafactory asked:
I'm guilty of hoping Futaba stays with Kikuchi because I have issues with how much baggage Kou has (despite knowing that Kou and Futaba have a MUCH better connection). Why does Kikuchi annoy you, I like him so I'm curious. :3

I haven’t read a lot of shoujo, but I’ve read a lot of BL to know that kikuchi is the Token Second Guy that’s added to the plot to stir up drama and to pull the protag away from her “fated” partner, and that annoys me. 


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Anonymous asked:
I'm at chp 38 of Ao Haru Ride, and I don't know how I'm going to last.. There's a lot more drama than I ever expected-- Or wanted! How did you make it through all 41 (As of right now) ALSO are you hoping Kou and Futaba get together?!

reading ao haru ride was really, really hard for me. shoujo is generally really hard for me to read because I get so emotionally invested, that I end up avoiding the genre mostly. during my AHR marathon there was one point I felt so genuinely frustrated that I simply got up and had to calm myself down with a shower!

but maybe I didn’t have it as bad? I cheered for kou since chapter 0 and had nearly no emotional connection to kikuchi. I do hope kou and futaba end up together because a) i need kou to be happy and b) her relationship with kikuchi feels so fake and he annoys me 

Anonymous asked:
Hi Shouri, forgive me for any unintended offense/ignorance, but I hope everything's okay with you, and that you and your close ones stay safe in these upcoming weeks! I don't quite understand everything that's going on, but reading the news makes me worried. You don't have to answer this; I just wanted to send some wishes for safety and peace. ヾ(´・ω・`)

ah, thank you for your concern! the past few days have been a bit out of the ordinary but no one I know got hurt and people just carry on with their daily lives, which I think is for the best. everyone’s been keeping safe thanks to the very clear safety instructions we’re given by the army.

that being said, since I work with a group of really young children the past few days I stayed at home because work got cancelled… haha.. but, well, we’re getting there! 

i read all of ao haru ride in 3 days and now my life is a mess

Anonymous asked:
tbh i didn't really get ren/haru in s1 but then ep2 of eternal summer happened and i totally see the crush ren has on haru and yeah. i totally get it now.

yeah!! YEAH!!!!!

for those of you who wanted to see the rest of my kuroyakus, a click-through preview