whenever i try to record covers i like drawing my own cover art for them (this is more of a panel redraw than anything else, but whatever)

if you’re interested in how i sound then,

Anonymous asked:
I've been creeping through your old art and fell in love with your fem!Kuroko. I'd love to see some more of her. Do you ship akakuro? Don't you think that fem!akakuro would look nice? Especially in your style :3

hello! first of all, thank you for enjoying my art!

second, I don’t like akakuro and it’s not likely that I will touch my rule63 miragen designs again. not because I stopped liking kurobas, I’m still following it! but I don’t find the miragen, as a group, as interesting as i do with say, rakuzan. I do eventually like them all individually but there are other characters that I would much rather focus on at this point.

let’s face it, hayamiya is simply better.

rule63-ing characters is still one of my favorite things so I will probably keep doing it, just in other fandoms I’m in.

finally done! I took some sports requests yesterday and I tried to fit as many as I could on my canvas (full version here)

there are still a lot that sound like they would be fun to draw so I miiiight make a second batch… sometime!

I see my old art is going around due to recent spoilers and decided it’s time to draw something new! i also tried to drop a lot of hints kano is still himself despite.. said spoilers :’(

full image

these are two separate strips that connect, sort of, but they’re not consecutive!

in which yaku likes kuroo but never says anything because he assumes he and kenma are dating. fun fact: my nekoma otp is kuroyaku and I don’t like kuroken much, so this results in a painful triangle

remember when i said i was drawing for a con? so now that it’s over i can finally post the things I did for it *v*)/

compared to previous times it’s not all that much, but I did draw these while having a managing role so it’s kinda a lot?? anyway, these are amai org.’s mascots and the theme of the con was ‘nostalgia’, hence why there’s a combo of a lot of different shows

I’m SUPER happy hayama’s finally getting his much deserved spotlight! but needless to say I’m also disappointed miyaji’s just standing there saying absolutely nothing, when hayama’s brutally beaten him the day before with just three fingers.

so, i like the idea of miyaji confronting him about it and demanding a rematch once the game over. basically, it’s the opposite version of this comic!


i totally forgot i drew these forever ago

they were supposed to be stickers but i got the resolution wrong so i gotta redo them… it’s also not everyone because at the time i ran out of time!

אגב, לא, אני לא מוכרת אותם ביום ראשון