I did a comic trade with fishiebug-art / fibug and drew her really cute ocs!!

sorry if it’s not very clear or awkwardly paneled, i’m not very good at this ; v ;

to me it sounded like makoto was trying to insert his own romantic feelings and in a roundabout way asking haru to understand him. (it’s not as apparent in english but in japanese he said 「渚も怜も凛も  俺もっ  皆がハルが好きだからっ(…) なんでわからないんだよ!?」 so the ‘minna’ kinda sounds like a last minute space filler..???)

but fujoshi goggles aside, their fight was an incredible moment and it means a lot to me, painful as it was.


the very same! I got super hyped up for the new season last night so i drew my digimon otp for good measure 

Anonymous asked:
Instead of a preview perhaps you could say the pairs you decided to do for the kiss challenge, pretty please? (No pressure)!!

Alright! so I have 12x9, hori/kashima, yutashun, daisuga, kurotsuki, nagirei, oiiwa, kagehi, nozamiko, furuharu, misawa, miyuki/nori and tai/izzy that no one asked for and i drew anyway ww

Hello! how are you guys? I know it doesn’t look like it with all the things I’ve been uploading recently, but I am actually working on the kiss challenge requests! I’m going to upload them in one or two posts but it’s going to take me a while more. if someone asks really nicely I can even post a sneak peek ;)

Meanwhile, I spent most of today making charahubs for some of my nao project ocs so maybe, if you’re really interested, you can take a look and then, maybe, some of the things i drew would make more sense

left to right: jun, shiro, nao, hiro and ayumu

the one thing I got out of haikyuu 121 is inverted seijou unis

ultimate trash bonus miyuki

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm seeing some cool stuff about that one baseball anime on my dash recently, and since I play softball, I'm super intrigued! Do you reccommend it? I don't wanna start another sports anime until I know when Haikyuu!! is ending though...

daiya is amazing, I absolutely adore it! though if you watch sports anime to see cool plays in great animation daiya really isn’t the anime for you… lol

i mean, it still looks great but most frames are very static and it can bother some people. personally I think it’s great because it manages to pass on the atmosphere to the viewer even with minimal amount of animation and the games always make me excited and emotional! the main character is also VERY secondhand embarrassment inducing so you should prepare yourself for that. he’s amazing though :)

and you don’t really need to worry about starting daiya because it’s going to keep running for a while more (confirmed running till march 2015!), you’ll have plenty of chances